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ECI-Distribution Sales Conference 2019

Stronger together

The Engine Competence International-Distribution Sales Conference October 09-11, was a showcase of the company´s growth story. In less than a decade, ECI-Distribution has managed to create a global network of distributors stretching to cover four continents. The conference ran under the theme Stronger together which is part of the company´s collaboration motto. The company has managed to do so through its revolutionary technology and by innovative thinking, striving to solve our industry´s biggest problems.

ECI-Distribution announced its move into a new corporate Headquarters which would carry the company´s growth story for the new coming decade. This announcement was met with large excitement and this was topped up by the announcement that PowerUP which is ECI-Disitrbution´s worldwide service partner would also be building a state-of-the-art workshop right next to ECI-Distribution’s headquarters. This will usher in a whole new world of better collaboration with easier communications between the 2 companies.

In his closing remarks company CEO Eugen Laner laid out a clear vision about the company´s future and how ECI-Distribution was to reposition itself as a technology engineering company in 2020 and beyond. This vision would be solidified with a commitment to invest heavily in research and development, corporate development and a global marketing strategy that would catapult the company´s industry positioning. ECI-Distribution is firmly committed to digital investment and better collaboration, working with our global technology partners to provide the best solutions for our customers.

(Flashback to ECI-Disitbution Ramp Up sales conference 2018)