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Our new Headquarters

In the quiet part of the municipality of Stans, our new Headquarters with high-quality office space was built on an elevated location on the sunny side of the Inn Valley.

It speaks for itself, as it is characterized both by the phenomenal view of Schwaz and the Tux Alps and by its close proximity to the Alpenpark Karwendel nature reserve, which is practically immediately behind the building. The location also scores with its ideal transport links and proximity to the local supply centre in Schwaz. The building offers optimum prerequisites as a result of the excellent location, with the immediate vicinity to our partner company PowerUP who will have a standalone fully equipped workshop and storage space. The two facilities from our 2 companies in Stans, Austria will complement each other and thus creating significant added value for all our customers and partners.

We are an innovative culture and we needed spaces that reflect that. At the heart of Engine Competence International-Distribution, in every role, whether you are in Finance, whether you are in Sales, or whether you are in Marketing you need to be creative and innovative. We needed space that reflected that and that is what we achieved here.

We had been in Schwaz since the inception of the company and it was a big step to make that change, but we felt we were expanding fast company and we needed a new space that reflected the ECI-Distribution of today rather than the one of yesterday. We have been a very resilient company and have gone through a lot of transformation. Our purpose is to advance the way that we live and that we work.

Our new headquarters building truly exemplifies that. It was a great team effort and we want to give a huge amount of credit to the planning professionals from a well-known architect who has presented a design that is innovative in functionality and design. We need every employee to have a workplace experience that inspires them and ignites them. That’s our goal and that’s what we are doing. You can have the best technology and the best pricing, but if your culture is not there to understand their needs and support them, you are not going to win.

We have gone through a significant transformation journey and it has positioned us to become more customer-centric, more competitive and ultimately compete and win for the customer’s business.