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Kuvaninga Energia Power Plant reached more than 99% Uptime

Kuvaninga Energia Power Plant is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) that supplies electricity to more than 800.000 Mozambicans with a total installed capacity of 40,35 MW. The Power Plant had less than 80% runtime until the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) agreement with PowerUP GmbH was signed on the 4th of November 2020. Since the agreement with PowerUP GmbH and its partner ADC Projects, Power Plant’s availability has been increasing constantly and reached 99,4% average runtime in May 2022 thanks to our solutions and provided services.

About Kuvaninga Energia Power Plant

Kuvaninga Energia Power Plant owns a total installed capacity of 40,35 MW and a declared net capacity of 38,52 MW by using 10 x 4MW Jenbacher J624 units.

The Power Plant is located on a five-hectare site near the town of Chokwe, 235km north of Maputo, Mozambique, and has a 27 km transmission line to transport power to the next substation.

9-Years-period O&M Contract with PowerUP GmbH

PowerUP GmbH and its partner ADC Projects were awarded a 9-year Operations & Maintenance Service Agreement (O&M) in November 2020 with the option to extend the contract period until 2035.

By executing the O&M Agreement, PowerUP GmbH and ADC Projects;

  • perform the daily plant operation
  • supply all parts necessary for preventative and corrective maintenance
  • perform all major overhauls
  • carry out continuous training to upskill the operational and technical team on-site
  • give close remote support on a daily basis.

Solutions offered and implemented by PowerUP GmbH

Reducing the downtimes at Kuvaninga Energia Power Plant was the priority of our experienced Teams after the O&M agreement was signed.

To reach this goal, regular onsite visits and detailed analyses have been executed by our development and field-service team.

Regarding these plans, the following solutions have been implemented;

  • Complete Minor Overhaul on all 10×624 Engines
  • Continuous optimization of spare parts by the PowerUP R&D team
  • Installation of parts by our most experienced field technicians with the mindset to deliver permanently world-class quality
  • Project Management and Supply Chain Teams from both PowerUP and ADC Projects jointly improved existing and developed new unique and tailor-made processes
  • PowerUP GmbH and ADC Projects installed and commissioned a 3 MW containerized backup engine – the total installed capacity has been increased to 43 MW
  • Regular training offered for operation teams (both on-site and in our premises),
  • Successfully upskilling the on-site technical team
  • Daily remote support and real-time data analysis by experienced Engineers from our Competence Centre to increase performance and availability
  • Regular visits by the development team for further performance increasement
  • And most important: perfect cooperation with the owners of the plant in every aspect

Availability-Chart for Kuvaninga Energia Power Plant

Before the O&M Agreement with PowerUP GmbH, Kuvaninga Energia Power Station reached less than 80% availability. Within less than 2 years PowerUP and ADC Projects increased availability by more than 20%.


“If it comes to availability of gas engines there is no coincidence!

If the availability is low then there are reasons which need to be analysed and fixed, one issue after the other one!

That´s what PowerUP and ADC jointly did.

Great products, experience on all levels, customer focus, engagement and willingness to go the extra mile, that´s it what is required to achieve such results!

We are ready to prove our capabilities on your plant as well. Just contact us!”

– Norbert Rupprechter, General Manager, PowerUP GmbH

“What can be said about a good partnership? The ADC and PowerUP relationship is like a well-oiled gearbox. The first few gears went slowly, but we moved forward and eliminated the biggest issues first. The ADC site operations team with the PowerUP back-office support has increased the availability of the Kuvaninga Powerplant to the contractual 92% within one year…. The expertise and training from PowerUP empowered the site personnel to make decisions when required and the watchful eye of their Centre of Excellence are always available to supply the required support.

We look forward to go into the next few gears, till we go full speed ahead with this and many more projects.”

– Hendrik Eksteen, General Manager Operations and Engineering, ADC Projects

As PowerUP GmbH, we are proud of having a key role in this great step-up at Kuvaninga Energia Power Plant with our partner ADC Projects.