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Condition Based Overhaul

The expert-approach towards gas engine maintenance & overhauls – independent from fixed exchange – schedules.

Based on your requirements and our vast expertise we are able to assess the engine’s condition through our specialized diagnostic tools and methods and decide which parts really need to be exchanged and which ones are still fit for pupose.

Save money and resources through our expertise

When an engine undergoes a condition-based overhaul some extra steps are applied during disassembly and assembly of the engine.

Several main components, which are usually exchanged upon an overhaul are subject to thorough checks and will be reused or refurbished if their current state allows for a prolonged service based on the customers planned operation pattern for the engine. This includes:

  • inspection of cylinder heads and overhaul if possible
  • inspection and refurbishing of pistons (piston rings to be exchanged)
  • inspection of connecting rods and overhaul if possible
  • inspection and refurbishing of the intercooler

By utilizing the remaining lifetime of key components we are able to cut overhauling costs for our customers significantly and we do this with such great confidence that in some cases we are even able to provide extended warranty based on the single components condition.

This is especially interesting for operational areas in which very low operating hours are accumulated, yet the requirements towards the gas engine’s reliability demand regular maintenance and overhauls like:

  • peak-shaving applications
  • island-operation applications
  • contractual obligations for power supply for less than a full engine lifecycle

Do not hesitate to contact our team and assess the possibility of a condition-based overhaul for your engine and application!