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What is the difference between an MWM® genset and generator?

“Genset” and “generator” are both terms to frequently come across when speaking about energy production – but where is the difference? And what are the different configuration options for MWM® gensets?
16. May 2024
Daniel Waldauf
What is the difference between an MWM® genset and generator?

The difference between an MWM® genset and an MWM® generator lies in their respective compositions and functions within power generation systems. While both terms are frequently found in the context of generating electricity, the generator is only one component that makes up an entire genset (=generator set). Apart from the generator, the engine is another main component of a genset.

In this article, we will take a closer look at MWM® gensets as well as gas engines and generators as their most crucial components. Furthermore, we are going to discover the possibilities to optimize power generation based on MWM® generator sets.

MWM® genset – joining engine and generator

A genset, short for generator set, is a self-contained unit comprising both an engine and a generator. As for MWM®, a genset integrates their renowned gas engines with compatible generators to produce electricity in various environments.

Components of an MWM® genset:

  • Gas engine: The heart of the genset, the MWM® gas engine converts the chemical energy of fuel (e.g. biogas or natural gas) into mechanical energy through combustion.
  • Generator: Integral to the system, the generator converts the mechanical energy produced by the engine into electrical energy, facilitating power generation.
  • Control system: Acting as the brain of the genset, the control system regulates and coordinates the operation of the engine and generator, ensuring optimal performance and safety. With TPEM, though, MWM® has developed a management system for overarching genset and power plant control.

MWM® gensets find application across various sectors, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings, providing reliable power generation solutions tailored to diverse needs. Whether used as IPP, primary power source or backup system, MWM® gensets offer versatile solutions for electricity generation.

The efficiency of MWM® gas engines

MWM® gas engines are powered by advanced technology and extensive engineering expertise. Let us find out how effective they are!

Gas engine repair

Gas engines by MWM®

MWM®, once founded by the German engineer Carl Benz, is renowned for its lineup of advanced gas engines, each designed to meet specific performance requirements and excel in diverse applications. Here’s a glimpse into some exemplary engines offered by MWM®:

TCG 2016: The MWM® TCG 2016 gas engine boasts an impressive power-to-space ratio, making it ideal for maximizing performance in compact industrial environments where space is a premium.

TCG 2020: Representing a significant advancement in cogeneration technology, the MWM® TCG 2020 gas engine stands out for its exceptional electrical efficiency and optimized fuel utilization, ensuring cost-effective power generation.

TCG 3016: The MWM® TCG 3016 gas engine combines efficiency with robust performance, delivering reliable electricity production while maintaining low emission levels.

TCG 3020: Designed to meet the stringent demands of modern energy systems, the MWM® TCG 3020 series offers a robust solution for those prioritizing a high performance and reliable power generation infrastructure.

Generators by MWM®

In addition to its cutting-edge gas engines, MWM® also offers high-quality generators tailored to complement its power solutions. These generators are designed to ensure seamless integration with MWM® gas engines, delivering efficient and reliable power generation across various industries and applications – from biogas plants to combined heat and power plants.

In the development of high-efficiency generators, MWM® profits from 150 years of experience in the field of development and manufacturing. The brand’s expertise and reputation as well as the long story of MWM® has convinced numerous customers worldwide, with more than 4,900 gensets installed around the world.

MWM® gas engine maintenance and upgrade – with PowerUP

MWM® gensets are extremely powerful tools in reliable energy production at different levels. However, regular engine maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and efficiency.

With PowerUP’s expertise and comprehensive gas engine services, customers can maximize the value of their MWM® gas engines – from condition-based overhaul to gas engine upgrades. Here’s how PowerUP supports MWM® gas engine maintenance and upgrades:

  • Routine maintenance: PowerUP offers a range of gas engine spare parts for MWM® engines, meeting high-level industry standards. From critical components to consumables, PowerUP provides genuine spare parts to support maintenance, gas engine repairs, and upgrades, ensuring integrity and longevity of MWM® gas engines.
  • Condition-based overhaul: PowerUP offers condition-based overhaul, maximizing re-use of qualified parts and minimizing downtime in order to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Gas engine upgrades: PowerUP specializes in gas engine upgrades designed to enhance the performance, efficiency, and functionality of MWM® gas engines. Whether it’s improving combustion processes, upgrading control systems, or integrating other advanced components like blowby filters or cylinder heads, PowerUP offers tailored upgrade solutions to meet specific customer needs and objectives.

Thanks to an extensive expertise in gas engines by leading gas engine manufacturers like MWM® or Jenbacher®, PowerUP is the trusted partner for MWM® gas engine maintenance and upgrades, offering comprehensive services, expert support, and genuine solutions to maximize the performance, reliability, and longevity of MWM® gas engines.

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