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MWM® and Caterpillar Energy Solutions – A Partnership Driving the Future of Power Generation

With its two brands MWM® and CAT®, Caterpillar Energy Solutions is a trusted partner in sectors like construction and power generation. In this article, we will highlight the strengths that come from this partnership.
21. May 2024
Daniel Waldauf
MWM® and Caterpillar Energy Solutions – A Partnership Driving the Future of Power Generation

For the power generation sector, collaborative efforts between industry leaders are crucial for driving innovation and shaping the future of energy solutions. This is especially true for the partnership between MWM® and Caterpillar Energy Solutions, the latter of which holds both the brands MWM® and CAT®. Together, they leverage their expertise to push the boundaries of energy generation technology.

In this article, we will discover the role that each brand plays for Caterpillar Energy Solutions. We will highlight the contribution of MWM® engines to the global energy production sector, and how their efficiency, reliability, and performance can be improved even further.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions – state-of-the-art power production 

Caterpillar Energy Solutions belongs to Caterpillar Inc. and is a leading partner for distributed energy solutions, providing efficient and ecologically advanced systems for various sectors. These include CHP plants, gas engines, as well as electricity power plants.

Caterpillar was founded in 1925 in the United States. Today, Caterpillar Inc. counts more than 114,000 employees around the world and is a leading manufacturer of products in the areas of mining and construction, industrial gas turbines, natural gas and diesel engines, as well as diesel-electric locomotives.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions holds two distinct brands – CAT® and MWM®.1

CAT® and Caterpillar Energy Solutions

Within Caterpillar Energy Solutions, the CAT® brand represents a range of advanced technologies and equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of customers in the energy sector and far beyond. CAT® offers a portfolio of products and services in the sectors construction and mining, as well as diesel and natural gas engines for various applications.

CAT® and Caterpillar Energy Solutions

Under the CAT® brand, Caterpillar Energy Solutions provides solutions such as dozers, drills, and mining excavators, but also gas engines, land drilling engines, and gensets – to name but a few. These products are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, making them ideal choices for a wide range of applications in various areas.

MWM® and Caterpillar Energy Solutions

The history of MWM® dates back to 1871, when it was founded as “Mannheimer Motorenwerke” by the German engineer Carl Benz. Since then, MWM® has earned a reputation for manufacturing extremely reliable and efficient gas engines and gensets, making them sought-after machines with numerous customers worldwide.

The products do not only encompass highly efficient gas engines and gensets, but also distributor power plants, such as cogeneration plants.

Pushing the boundaries of MWM® gas engines – with PowerUP

MWM® gas engines are known worldwide for their high levels of electrical and thermal efficiency, reliability, and longevity. In order to maintain these attributes, regular servicing and maintenance are essential, making sure that the gas engines and gensets keep delivering peak performance.

PowerUP has specialized on the service of gas engines by leading manufacturers, such as MWM® or Jenbacher®. We provide gas engine repair services as well as condition-based overhaul, with maximum re-use of qualified parts. Via both field service and remote service, our experts ensure minimized downtimes, which can be reduced even further thanks to replacement engines, e.g. in the case of unexpected breakdowns.

Furthermore, we offer upgrade options to further increase MWM® engine efficiency, performance, and lifespan. To that end, we have developed gas engine spare parts and upgrade possibilities – from spark plugs, blowby filters and cylinder heads to optimizations on engine control systems.

With PowerUP by your side, you can rely on a strong and reliable partner along the entire lifecycle of your MWM® gas engines and gensets.

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