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with impact

Our in-house research & development department is composed of a team of engineers from the gas engine industry with a variety of different areas of expertise and many years of experience, through them ECI-D is able to create a one-stop solution for your needs!

Since 2014 ECI-D has brought to the market revolutionary products such as the EVE3 4-valve cylinder head for series 3, cylinder heads for series 6, revolutionary piston and spark plug designs and blowby filtration systems for all engine types – all of which help our customers to increase the efficiency of their engines and reduce maintenance costs.


ECI-Distribution offers various, state of the art spare parts for gas engines of different OEM’s – to stay ahead of time and provide solutions with impact, we listen closely to our customer’s and partner’s needs and continuously strive for excellence.

Spare parts are our business – technology is our belief.

EVE3 efficiency upgrade package

Since the beginning of development in 2016, the aim of the EVE3 upgrade package was to increase the efficiency of series 3 engines even further, whilst maintaining the well-known benefits like reliability and easy maintenance. ECI-D has done so with the name-defining product of the package – the award-winning EVE3 cylinder head. Across a growing fleet of EVE-engines, we enabled electrical efficiency increases of up to 2,5% and gas-consumption reductions of up to 6% – that is our way of saying: “We don’t want to be just a part of the energy-revolution, we want to play a key role in it”

Steel piston series 6

ECI-Distribution’s Research & Development department wants to provide innovations that really matter – and once again we did! With the launch of our steel-piston for series 6F in 2018, we tackled some major issues in the markets.

Through our engineers’ ingenuity and our strong and competent manufacturing partners, we were able to introduce our revolutionary one-piece-design piston with optimized geometry to eliminate the unbearable risks of piston-crown separation and cylinder liner scuffing on the series 6-F.

Connecting rods series 6

With a planned launch-date end of 2020, the ECI-D connecting rods for series 6 E, F, G & H are already some of the most anticipated products in our companies history. Our aim is nothing less than significantly improving the mechanical reliability and economical efficiency of this product for our customers. Through optimized geometry and forging material, as well as state of the art in-house processing, the ECI-D connecting rods, increase engine reliability compared to OEM-spare parts by strongly reducing the likelihood of bearing-shell rotation and optimizing rotary-mass distribution across all cylinders.