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Series 4

Increase the reliability of your series 4 gas engine with our genuine spare parts.

Our products are thoroughly designed and enhanced to enable a longer lifetime, friendly maintenance and overall higher reliability and performance, thus ensuring the highest efficiency.

We have years of strong in-house research and development for our series 4 products and our experienced engineers are dedicated to delivering only the best to our customers.

Piston series 4

Our high-quality piston for series 4 was designed to increase reliability and commercial efficiency upon overhauls for our customers.

State of the art materials and processing ensures the highest mechanical strength and reliability in operation.

Together with our competent manufacturing partners and combustion experts, we are also able to provide tailored compression ratios for special applications on-demand.

  • Mixable with OEM pistons for highest flexibility
  • Available as pre-assembled piston with rings or piston-only
  • Available in all commonly used compression ratios
  • Tailored compression ratios available on-demand

Spark plugs series 4

PowerUP designed pre-chamber spark plug for series 4 engines.

Reliable mechanical strength in operation and effective heat dissipation are key factors for spark plugs. Our spark plugs are designed with an ideal level of heat range and as a consequence increasing your engine uptime and availability.

On top of that, our premium quality spark plugs require no regapping and are therefore maintenance-free.

  • No regapping necessary
  • Can be operated as lean as 250 mg/NOx
  • Plug and play Design, no adjustment of ignition-timing and boost-pressure necessary
  • Available for NGS & Biogas, special release available for other gas-types

Maintenance parts

PowerUP is covering the complete range of products for preventive and corrective maintenance.

All the products for daily operation, such as filters and gaskets, as well as parts for minor and major overhaul, such as bearings, starters, liners, valves and actuators, are selected and specified for the highest quality.

  • An inventory of 100 000 items and a warehouse of 500m³ enables us to provide you with all the necessary parts for daily operation
  • Our sales team is dedicated to react fast for emergency delivery with most items on stock or to be sourced quickly from our well-connected global supply-chain


Our blow-by filtration system significantly reduces the contamination of turbochargers, intercoolers and combustion chambers with oil-ash and oil-coke – thus extending the lifetime and performance of the entire gas engine.

In addition, our blowby filter system scores with an unsurpassed service life and does not require any maintenance !

  • Expected lifetime of up to 30.000 operating hours
  • Guaranteed oil separation rate of 99,98%
  • No thermal insulation required
  • Compact and vibration resistant filter design
  • Easy to assemble and maintenance free
  • Plug and play design for easy, direct exchanges of the filter-unit on all series 4 engines

Cylinder head overhaul

PowerUP provides all required spare parts for a proper overhaul of series 4 cylinder heads by your trusted experts.

Additionally, we are able to offer a condition-based overhaul of your used cylinder heads by our highly qualified in-house staff with a full inspection, re-machining of all relevant surfaces and check & exchange / refurbish of critical parts which are subject to wear.

  • Economical alternative to replacing the entire cylinder head
  • Reduced valve-wear due to high quality seat-rings and valves
  • Highest reliability standards due to crack-check and full inspection by experts
  • Highest cleanliness standards due to inhouse vacuum-washing process
  • Valves, seat rings, springs & guides are usually always available on PowerUP’s stock.