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PowerUP offers various upgrade solutions for your gas engine. Those solutions help your gas engine to optimize it’s output, reliability, spare-parts compatibility or control system accessibility.

Through improved spare parts, gas-type conversion, control system exchange or entire engine retrofits to another version we are able to upgrade your engine to match your current needs.

Innovative solutions for your success

Benefit from our extensive knowledge in gas engines, continuously improved state of the art products and dedication to service excellence.

With PowerUP’s upgrade solutions our customers may achieve:

  • reduced gas consumption / increased efficiency
  • increased reliability & reduction in engine downtime
  • increased electrical / thermal output
  • unprecedented flexibility / accessibility of the engine control system

Selection of upgrade solutions

  • retrofit engine control system*
  • improved cylinder heads for increase of efficiency / reliability
  • blowby-system upgrade for reduced maintenance
  • stainless-steel intercoolers for less corrosion-wear with aggressive gases

*Upgrades to our EDI control system will also allow us to offer remote engine monitoring & assistance through our competence center.

Optimize the performance of your gas engine with a partner you can rely on

Whether it is your aim to increase your engine’s power-output, reduce unplanned downtimes or maximize efficiency – PowerUP is the partner of choice.

Through our ambitious staff, tailored solutions, customer focused approach and worldwide distributor-networks we are capable of providing the best service – wherever and whenever you need it!