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Independent Power Producer

Power generation services from PowerUP for IPP industries

PowerUP provides essential and specialized services to Independent Power Producer (IPP) industries, focusing on the critical nature of power generation and operational efficiency. 

Our range of services includes Gas Engine repair, Gas Engine Overhaul, Gas Engine Upgrades, Field Service and Remote Service. Recognizing the challenges IPPs face in maintaining uninterrupted power generation, we tailor our offerings to ensure operational continuity, efficiency, and reduced downtime. 

PowerUP’s team of professionals is committed to delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions, positioning us as a big support partner for IPPs striving for excellence in the demanding energy sector.

Higher Efficiency

We guarantee our customers less effort and higher outputs with our optimized spare parts.

Independent Service

With our network in over 40 countries, we offer a manufacturer independent service – worldwide.


We make your engine even more sustainable by extending the service life of your gas engine.


To further establish our position as an international expert in gas engine spare-parts, service-solutions and upgrade-development PowerUP now also offers a full product line for MWM® engines.


We have years of strong in-house research and development for our Jenbacher® products and our experienced engineers are dedicated to delivering only the best to our customers.

Jenbacher® and MWM® Gas Engine Parts for IPPs

For Independent Power Producers utilizing Jenbacher® and MWM® gas engines, PowerUP offers a broad selection of gas engine spare parts tailored to specific models, like Type 4 and TCG 3016

We ensure the availability of high-quality power generation equipment designed for optimal compatibility and performance. Our inventory includes a wide range of components, from pistons and spark plugs to cylinder heads and other maintenance parts. 

We also recognize the importance of minimizing downtime in power production, and our prompt and reliable parts supply service is geared towards ensuring your engines run smoothly with minimal interruption. 

With PowerUP's support in providing Jenbacher® and MWM® spare parts for biogas and natural gas engines, IPPs can maintain their engines' efficiency and reliability, ultimately contributing to the stable and effective generation of power.

MWM® and Jenbacher® Gas Engine Parts for IPPs

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Why is PowerUP the best gas engine solution for power producers?

PowerUP offers gas engine solutions designed to meet a variety of operational needs. Our replacement engine service provides a quick and efficient solution for those in need of an immediate engine substitution, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous operation. 

For clients requiring mobility and flexibility, our container solution offers a unique advantage, housing engines in a portable and secure setup that can be easily relocated as per operational demands. 

Additionally, for those looking to expand or upgrade their engine inventory and want to buy an engine, we offer a selection of high-quality natural and biogas engines for purchase. Each engine is meticulously inspected and prepared to meet our stringent standards of performance and reliability.


Modern solutions for your success

PowerUP’s goal isn’t to be a cheaper alternative – it’s a better choice!

From precision-engineered components to expert maintenance support, we’ve got your engine’s needs covered.


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bespoke parts program

Bespoke Parts Program


Supply Agreements


Tailor-made services

Understanding that every gas engine and operation is unique, our bespoke gas engine services cater precisely to your specific requirements and challenges.

From sourcing rare spare parts to providing specialized maintenance solutions, we ensure your engine runs efficiently and reliably.

Gas Engine Repair

Condition-based Overhaul


Field Service

Remote Service

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Kuvaninga Energia
Hendrik Eksteen
ADC Projects

Kuvaninga Energia

The Kuvaninga Energia power plant is an independent power producer (IPP) which provides electricity to more than 800,000 people in Mozambique with a total installed capacity of 40.35 MW. Before the operation and maintenance contract was signed with PowerUP on November 4, 2020, the average availability was below 80%. Since then, availability has been continuously increased. Thanks to our solutions and services, in 2023 Kuvaninga Energia demonstrated robust performance with an impressive average contractual availability of 97.8%.


99.4 %

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