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Gas Engine Remote Service

Expert help and diagnostics from a distance by PowerUP.

Remote Service

Remote Service for your gas engine

We understand the importance of ensuring that your biogas engine or natural gas engine runs consistently and at peak performance.

PowerUP’s Gas Engine Remote Service enables remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, allowing our experts to assess and troubleshoot your engine’s performance from a distance.

Utilizing advanced control systems, software and communication tools, we can quickly identify issues, provide guidance on necessary adjustments, or even remotely resolve certain problems. This proactive approach not only reduces the need for on-site visits but also enhances the efficiency and reliability of your gas engine operations.

With our Competence Center Hotline, which is staffed 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm, we ensure swift response times when assistance is needed most urgently.

Benefits of Remote Service for gas engines from MWM® and Jenbacher®

  • Data collection for optimizing engine operations: Thanks to remote access to the engine management system, we continuously collect engine operating data, which our service technicians can retrieve for analysis, ensuring optimized engine operations.
  • Remote diagnostics: Errors are identified via our EDI or AORA control system and diagnosed remotely, reducing the overall costs of engine maintenance.
  • Real-time expert assistance: Our expert support is available in real-time to facilitate swift troubleshooting and assist in error analysis. This minimizes losses from unplanned downtimes and reduces the need for expensive on-site visits.
  • Increased reliability: Through timely interventions and countermeasures, we minimize operational and lifecycle costs and enhance the reliability of your facility.
Benefits of Remote Service

Higher Efficiency

We guarantee our customers less effort and higher outputs with our optimized spare parts.

Independent Service

With our network in over 40 countries, we offer a manufacturer independent service – worldwide.


We make your engine even more sustainable by extending the service life of your gas engine.

Working on computer - Remote service

Monitoring your Gas Engine

Our Competence Center monitors your gas engine for the following factors:

  • Engine Behavior: Engine behavior is crucial for a motor’s efficient performance. It encompasses various parameters like speed, load change behavior, pollutant emissions, and cooling. Precise monitoring of engine behavior allows for early detection of deviations and potential issues. 

    This proactive approach prevents disturbances, optimizes fuel consumption, and maximizes the engine’s lifespan. Our Competence Center monitors engine behavior to ensure your facility’s smooth and efficient operation.
  • Availability (Operating Hours): Availability in operating hours is an essential measure of a facility’s reliability and performance. It provides information about the total duration the gas engine produces energy. By monitoring operating hours, targeted maintenance measures can be undertaken to maximize availability.
  • Electric Output (kW): The electric output of a gas engine, measured in kW (Kilowatts), is a key indicator of the facility’s efficiency and performance. Our Competence Center monitors this output to ensure the engine is operating at its best.

Remote Service and Field Service — the All-In-One Solution from PowerUP

PowerUP’s innovative approach combines remote service and gas engine field service to offer an all-in-one solution for your gas engine needs. With our remote service, we provide real-time monitoring and diagnostics from afar, identifying and advising on potential issues. 

When on-site expertise is required, our field service team steps in, delivering hands-on, tailored support, like gas engine repair or gas engine upgrades, right where it’s needed. 

This dual approach ensures not only rapid response times and efficient problem-solving but also maximizes the uptime and performance of your engines.

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