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Gas engine service workshop in Austria

If the maintenance or a repair is too complex to be carried out on-site, we can relocate your biogas engine or natural gas engine to our state-of-the-art gas engine service workshop at our headquarters in Stans, Austria.

Here, our highly qualified technicians and engineers perform intricate rehabilitation tasks and complete gas engine overhauls that require heavy machinery, comprehensive diagnostics and inspection, as well as specialized tools.

The 2,100 square meter hall is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to conduct intricate and complex repairs.

Possible services for gas engines from Jenbacher® and MWM®

Gas Engine Repair or Gas Engine Maintenance

Gas engine repair at the PowerUP workshop involves diagnosing and fixing issues within an engine that runs on natural gas or biogas. This process can range from simple maintenance tasks, like replacing filters or spark plugs, to more complex procedures, like a gas engine overhaul or repairing control system and electrical systems. 

The goal is to ensure the engine operates efficiently, safely, and reliably.

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Gas Engine Overhaul

A gas engine overhaul is a process where the engine is completely disassembled, inspected, and cleaned, with worn or damaged parts repaired or replaced with new gas engine spare parts

It involves thorough checks and adjustments to systems like ignition, and mechanics to restore the engine’s efficiency and performance. This service extends the lifespan of the engine and ensures it operates like new.

Gas Engine Upgrades

Gas engine upgrades involve enhancing existing engines with new technologies or components to improve performance, efficiency, and compliance with environmental regulations. These upgrades can include installing advanced control systems, optimizing combustion processes, or using new gas engine spare parts to reduce emissions. 

The goal is to extend the engine’s operational life, increase its power output, and ensure it meets current industry standards.

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Why to choose PowerUP for your gas engine services?

Why to choose PowerUP for your gas engine services?

Whether it’s maintenance, a gas engine repair, overhaul or upgrade, whether it’s for a shortblock, longblock or complete genset, whether it’s on-site or in our workshop, we are your partner for biogas and natural gas engine services

With the gas engine services from PowerUP your gas engine will get higher efficiency and improved lifetime, resulting in less downtime and money savings. And with over 10,000 gas engine parts for Jenbacher® and MWM® engines, our experienced technicians can carry out the necessary work, when needed. Contact us today for a free consultation, we are happy to help.

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