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Long-Term Supply Agreements

Enjoy the flexibility of our LTSA.

Long-Term Supply Agreements (LTSA)

Long-Term Supply Agreements

We offer Long-Term Supply Agreements (LTSA). Through a strategic combination of spare parts, repair, and maintenance services at fixed discounted costs for the contract duration, they provide the utmost flexibility.

With an LTSA, you have privileged access to the PowerUP parts inventory, field service resources, and technical expertise.

STEP 1 – The “List of Parts” (LOP) is defined based on site analysis data.

STEP 2 – The annual spare parts requirement is calculated based on the LOP.

STEP 3 – Special discounts are granted depending on spare parts requirements.

STEP 4 – Based on the annual payments received, a credit (discount) is issued.

STEP 5 – This LTSA discount is offset against future LTSA orders.

Long-Term Supply Agreements (LTSA)
PowerUP Long-Term Supply Agreement (LTSA)Standard Service Contract based on operating hours
Invoicing is done at order placement
NO pre-financing cost
Invoicing is done per operating hour which is, in fact, a kind of pre-financing. Customer pays from first operating hour already partly the big and cost intense bigger maintenance works (e.g. minor overhaul)
Flexible scope of supply. Parts can be added or taken out of the LTSA at any time with minor/no impactFixed scope of supply. No change of scope is possible as any part which is taken out has already been partly pre-paid (invoicing per OPH). This pre-payment is lost!
LTSA can be easily adapted to new technologies enabling e.g. longer part lifetimesVery difficult for the same reason as above mentioned (invoicing per operating hour)
No ExclusivityStrict exclusivity, even on parts where better prices/technologies are available in the market
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