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Biogas Engines by PowerUP

PowerUP is a committed and expert partner for biogas engines in the biogas industry. We specialize in providing high-quality spare parts, gas engine repair, gas engine upgrades and other services, specifically for biogas engines. 

Understanding the unique demands of the sector, our experienced team ensures that your biogas engines are maintained for optimal efficiency and reliability.

Higher Efficiency

We guarantee our customers less effort and higher outputs with our optimized spare parts.

Independent Service

With our network in over 40 countries, we offer a manufacturer independent service – worldwide.


We make your engine even more sustainable by extending the service life of your gas engine.


To further establish our position as an international expert in gas engine spare-parts, service-solutions and upgrade-development PowerUP now also offers a full product line for MWM® engines.


We have years of strong in-house research and development for our Jenbacher® products and our experienced engineers are dedicated to delivering only the best to our customers.

Services for Biogas Engines provided by PowerUP

At PowerUP, our gas engine services for the biogas industry encompass a wide range of offerings, including gas engine repair, condition-based overhaul, gas engine upgrades, field service, and remote service

Our gas engine repair is designed to quickly address and resolve any operational issues at your biogas plant, ensuring minimal downtime. The gas engine overhaul allows for timely maintenance, effectively preventing unforeseen breakdowns. For enhancing engine performance, our gas engine upgrades are tailored to meet the evolving demands of the biogas industry. 

Our field service team provides on-site expert assistance, while the remote service offers prompt diagnostics and troubleshooting, ensuring that your biogas engines maintain peak performance and reliability.

Services for Biogas Engines provided by PowerUP

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In need of spare parts for your Biogas Engine?

We provide a wide range of high-quality biogas engine spare parts and products specifically for your Jenbacher® and MWM® engine. Our products are tailored to meet the unique needs of these engines, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance. 

Whether it's a spark plug for routine maintenance or a blowby filter for advanced upgrades, our durable and reliable parts are perfect for maintaining and enhancing the efficiency of your MWM® or Jenbacher® engine.

In need of spare parts for your Biogas Engine?

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PowerUP’s Gas Engine Solutions — Everything you need for your Biogas Plant

PowerUP’s Gas Engine Solutions — Everything you need for your Biogas Plant

At PowerUP, we offer a range of specialized services and biogas engine solutions for your biogas plant. 

Our workshop is equipped for all types of gas engine repairs and overhauls, ensuring your equipment is maintained to the highest standards. We also provide in-house training, giving your team the skills and knowledge to efficiently operate and maintain your biogas plant. 

Our bespoke parts program guarantees you have access to custom-engineered parts that perfectly fit your specific engine requirements. Additionally, our Long-Term Supply Agreements (LTSA) ensure a consistent supply of essential parts and services at competitive rates. 

With PowerUP's approach, you have a one-stop solution for maintaining the optimal performance and longevity of your biogas plant.


Modern solutions for your success

PowerUP’s goal isn’t to be a cheaper alternative – it’s a better choice!

From precision-engineered components to expert maintenance support, we’ve got your engine’s needs covered.


Our Workshop



bespoke parts program

Bespoke Parts Program


Supply Agreements


Tailor-made services

Understanding that every gas engine and operation is unique, our bespoke gas engine services cater precisely to your specific requirements and challenges.

From sourcing rare spare parts to providing specialized maintenance solutions, we ensure your engine runs efficiently and reliably.

Gas Engine Repair

Condition-based Overhaul


Field Service

Remote Service

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Gas Engine Knowledge

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