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Gas Engine Overhaul

We optimize components based on their actual wear – our Condition-based Overhaul service for gas engines.

Gas engine Overhaul

Overhaul for gas engines

According to the gas engine overhaul plan, gas engines from MWM®, INNIO Jenbacher® and others must undergo a complete overhaul after 7 years or approximately 60,000 to 80,000 operating hours.

Based on your requirements and our expertise, we are able to assess the condition of the gas engine using our specialized diagnostic tools and methods. We determine which components truly need to be replaced and which are still suitable for the next cycle.

Higher Efficiency

We guarantee our customers less effort and higher outputs with our optimized spare parts.

Independent Service

With our network in over 40 countries, we offer a manufacturer independent service – worldwide.


We make your engine even more sustainable by extending the service life of your gas engine.

Re-use instead of throwing away

Several major components, which are typically replaced during an overhaul, are subjected to thorough scrutiny. They are reused or refurbished if their current condition permits – based on the operating pattern planned by the customer. The service includes:

  • Inspection and examination of installed components.
  • Compilation of a findings report.
  • Definition of components to be exchanged in consultation with the customer.
  • Cleaning and repair of reused components.
  • Assembly of new and refurbished engine components.
  • Leak and component testing of the engine and its parts.
  • Painting if desired by the customer.
Re-use instead of throwing away
Gas Engine Overhaul Applications

Interesting Areas of Application

This kind of overhaul is particularly interesting for areas of application where very few operating hours accrue. In this area, investment costs are of particular importance. However, there is also a high requirement for the reliability of the gas engine.

Peak Shaving Applications: Peak shaving refers to a strategic energy management practice to cover peak loads in the network in the short term. This ensures grid stability, even when solar and wind power plants cannot cover the power consumption momentarily.

Island Operation: Island operation refers to a condition where a power supply system or a power grid operates autonomously and independently from the main power grid. This state often occurs in remote areas or with decentralized energy sources like solar or wind power plants. In island mode, the plant directly supplies local consumers with generated energy without relying on external power sources. This allows for reliable power supply even in remote regions during disturbances in the main power grid and also in unstable networks.

There are countless applications in which power and heat production can be of great advantage to the user. Either to reduce operating costs of industrial plants or greenhouse applications, to ensure supply security, or to act as a business model as a power and heat producer. Benefits for our customers in state-based overhaul: By utilizing the residual lifespan of key components, we can significantly reduce the overhaul costs for our customers. In some cases, we can even offer a warranty extension based on the condition of individual components.

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