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EDI – Engine Control System

The control system for Jenbacher® gas engines

EDI for Jenbacher® engines

Our engine control system will aid you in maximizing your OEM gas engine’s uptime and performance by enabling remote control, predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring of all parameters you desire.

The EDI Principle

• Extensively tested and proven across a variety of series 3,4 and 6 engines with different applications our EDI-system is providing expert data analysis tools, simplified for best user experience and backed with our extensive knowledge of OEM gas engines.

• Gain new insights on your engine with custom trending, real-time data of engine performance- and output-parameters, component-individual test-mode and details for parts such as turbo-bypass & throttle-valve. EDI also comes with huge internal storage to provide an overview of historical operational data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

• Experience a simple and intuitive user interface on a generously sized touch-display and feel safe with frequent and customer-specific updates.

• A wide range of interfaces makes it the ideal control centre for integration of a variety of different components.
To optimize gas engines in cogeneration plants, sensors and actuators are needed which cannot be integrated into a classic PLC-based system – this is where the AVAT-technology software and hardware modules come into use e.g. for our cylinder-selective knock-control and misfire-detection.

• Your EDI engine control system is delivered with all wiring-diagrams, user’s manual, description of functional characteristics and is installed, commissioned and adapted to your specific needs and requirements by our experienced experts.

• The EDI retrofit is available for all stationary cogeneration plants and containerized systems as well as island- and grid-parallel operation modes, furthermore for customer-specific applications on-demand.

The EDI principle
The functions of EDI


  • Full access, no password-limitations
  • Cylinder-individual knock-control with performance optimization
  • Cylinder-individual misfire-detection with automatic power reduction down to engine shutdown
  • Monitoring and individual trending of all sensors and measured values
  • Control and monitoring of all cooling and heating circuits
  • Integration of cogeneration-plant controls (peripherals)
  • Start/Stop sequences for island and grid-parallel operation
  • Compatibility with TecJet applications
  • Control of engine speed, power and air/gas mixture
  • Turbo-bypass control and ignition management
  • CAN connection to the ignition system
  • Fan control for dry and hybrid coolers
  • Control of flow-side temperature even in part-load operation
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EDI & EVE — A perfect couple

The EVE3 Efficiency Upgrade Package in combination with our control system EDI yields a future-proof system plus a significant increase in performance.

  • PowerUP-EVE3 4 valve cylinder head – efficiency increase up to 2,5% electrical resulting in 6 % less gas consumption*)
  • PowerUP piston and piston ring
  • PowerUP liner and PowerUP scraper ring
  • PowerUP-JER/EVE3 pre-chamber spark plug
  • NOx <250mg/m3 @ 5% O2

*) @1 MW, biogas calorific value 5 kWh/m3 series 3 gas engines

EDI & EVE — A perfect couple

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The world is already complex enough

Developing high efficiency engine components with the aim of improving the life time of spare parts as well as the overall engine performance is our daily business. For the benefit of the customer we reduce maintenance costs and improve the efficiency and reliability of all kinds of gas engines. By optimizing existing technologies and developing new concepts, we maximize generation output with least emissions. In cooperation with our partners, we are capable of refurbishing and upgrading engines.


EDI is based on the open and flexible engine control system, known as “open ECS”, by AVAT.  The company has more than 25 years of experience and the expertise of more than 14,500 management systems for large gas, dual fuel and CHP engines. Among other things, as the developer and supplier of the 1000-times built TEM-Evo controls and single technology components.

AVAT offers a wide spectrum of Energy Automation Solutions


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