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PowerUP helps to increase the efficiency and service life of your Gas Engine.

Manufacturer-independent gas engine service for MWM® and Jenbacher® gas generators, in-house training, access to over 15.000 gas engine spare parts and the know-how of our engineers. Worldwide.

Improving Lifetime

We improve the lifetime of your gas engine through exclusive spare parts.

Higher Efficiency

Our spare parts, upgrades and other services will lead to a higher efficiency.

More Know-How

We provide your employees with the Know-How they need to run a gas engine.

Less downtime

Through our exclusive spare parts and services we will ensure less downtime for your engine.

Our worldwide growing network of service providers, distributors and countries in which we’re active

Take a look to our worldwide activities


Our brands


To further establish our position as an international expert in gas engine spare-parts, service-solutions and upgrade-development PowerUP now also offers a full product line for MWM® engines.


We have years of strong in-house research and development for Jenbacher® engines, and our experienced engineers are dedicated to deliver only the best products for Jenbacher® gas engines.

Independent Power Producer
Service Partner
Independent Power Producer

Independent Power Producer / IPP

IPP companies from all over the world trust the products and services from PowerUP, be one of them!


Farming / Biogas

Sustainable production of gas from agricultural waste, which can be used as a fuel source for gas engines, providing an eco-friendly energy alternative. Find our solutions here!

Service Partner

Service & Distribution Partner

Looking for a partner for your business?

PowerUP is YOUR partner when it comes to spare parts and services for Gas Engines.


Modern solutions for your success

PowerUP’s goal isn’t to be a cheaper alternative – it’s a better choice!

From precision-engineered components to expert maintenance support, we’ve got your engine’s needs covered.


Our Workshop



bespoke parts program

Bespoke Parts Program


Supply Agreements


Tailor-made services

Understanding that every gas engine and operation is unique, our bespoke gas engine services cater precisely to your specific requirements and challenges.

From sourcing rare spare parts to providing specialized maintenance solutions, we ensure your engine runs efficiently and reliably.

Gas Engine Repair

Condition-based Overhaul


Field Service

Remote Service

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Our Products

We have a strong portfolio of high-tech products that aim to solve the challenges of our customers with gas engine applications.

Spare parts
Spark plugs
Cylinder Head
Spare parts
Spark plugs
Cylinder Head

Spare parts

PowerUP is your go-to source for top-quality spare parts, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity. Every component we offer is crafted with precision and meets rigorous industry standards.

Spark plugs

PowerUP’s spark plugs are precision-engineered for optimal performance in gas engines. Designed with the latest technology, they ensure consistent ignition, enhancing engine efficiency and longevity.


Incorporating cutting-edge design and materials, our pistons ensure smooth engine operation and reduced wear, even under strenuous conditions.


Our blowby-filter is designed to efficiently capture and prevent engine blowby emissions, safeguarding the environment and improving engine health.

Cylinder Head

Engineered for excellence, PowerUP’s cylinder head delivers unparalleled combustion efficiency and peak engine operation.


Our Engines

Whether it’s buying a gas engine, container solutions, rent an engine, replace an engine, sell your engine or our own PUPGEN, we provide tailored and innovative solutions to meet all your needs. Rely on our expertise and ensure your engines are in the hands of the best.



replacement engine

Replacement Engine

buy an engine

Buy an Engine

sell your engine

Sell your Engine

container solution

Container Solution

rent an engine

Rent an Engine


What our clients say

Nawaaz Dossa
Pretoria Energy

“We have been using PowerUp (ECI) since June 2020, in that time we have formed an excellent working relationship with all the team at PowerUp.”

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Shehzad Feerasta
Rupali Group

“PowerUp has proven to be an invaluable and loyal partner, steadfast in ensuring the ongoing health and maintenance of our gas engines at Rupali and Rupafil.”

Read more
Hooman Mashayekhi, M.Sc., P.Eng.
Signalta Resources Limited

“If you’re looking for high quality Jenbacher spare parts and services, it is our pleasure to recommend PowerUP as an excellent choice.”

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