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PUPGEN 2V20 & 4V20

Experience the future of energy efficiency and flexibility with our solutions.


PUPGEN 2V20 & 4V20 Genset

PowerUP PUPGEN 2V20 & 4V20 gas engines represent innovation and performance. They offer the latest solutions and award-winning upgrade packages, focusing on low investments and high reliability rates. With our extensive market experience and project-specific processes, we assist you in finding the best solution for your business.

What is a PUPGEN?

PUPGEN 2V20 & 4V20 was developed in response to the needs of gas engine owners, impressing with low investment, quick delivery, and enhanced reliability. With our expertise and award-winning solutions, we rejuvenate your gas engine, making it even more efficient.


What do we offer?

PowerUP provides you with a refurbished J320 Longblock, complete with a factory-tested assembly and overhauled engine.

Additionally, you benefit from:

  • New generator
  • New control system (Diane XT4)
  • New gas control section

What are the key features and what benefits do our customers have?

You receive a J320 engine with efficiency enhancement and new genset accessories that can be integrated into the usage of existing facility components.

Our customers benefit from a reliable J320 gas engine, updated with PowerUP’s award-winning products and packages.

  • Cost-effective, reliable total solution (no upgrade!)
  • Quick availability or delivery
  • Excellent value for money
  • Unit certificate
  • Test run in Jenbach (Innio Jenbacher©)
  • Sustainability: Many refurbished parts used instead of new ones, thus saving a significant amount of money and acting sustainably (conserving resources, repairing instead of discarding, etc.).
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