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Maintenance is a crucial part which helps extend the life and keep high energy output of your gas engine. As part of our efforts to be the partner of choice for our customers, we offer bespoke maintenance solutions that help increase the reliability of gas engines.

Our team of service technicians are on standby around the clock to help you and guarantee you high standard repairs with replacement parts you need.

We carry out repairs on-site for customers operating stationary plants such as cogeneration plants. Many of our customers rely on the fact that they will not have to suffer expensive downtime.

Gas Engine Repair

Complete disassembly & cleaning
Measurement of crankcase & crankshaft
Re-assembly of an engine with new & high
quality components.


Optimize the performance of your gas engine. Using specially developed and designed gas engine components we are able to increase the engine output and/or efficiency.

Condition based overhaul

The smart way to deal with engine overhauls—including deciding when to overhaul—is to do it based on the specific parts condition rather than on a fixed exchange shedule.

Field services

In order to keep downtime costs as low as possible, we can deploy our technicians to rectify faults quickly and have your engine running again in no time.

Remote Service

With our remote service, you will receive particularly fast and individual help for your gas engine. Our service employees can check the settings on your engine and optimize it.

Used Gas Engine

After a detailed on-site inspection of your gas engine package (engine + generator), we will offer you a fair price for your used engine including peripheral equipment.