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Series 6

Increase the reliability of your series 6 gas engine with our PowerUP genuine spare parts.

Our series 6 product lines are thoroughly designed and enhanced to eliminate existing OEM problems on this engine series, enable longer lifetime, friendly maintenance and overall higher reliability and performance, thus ensuring the highest efficiency.

We are building on years of strong in-house research and development for our series 6 products and our experienced engineers are dedicated to continuously improve our benchmark products.

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Cylinder heads E & F

Cylinder heads belong to the critical core components of any combustion engine and are extremely loaded. Therefore they have an enormous impact on engine reliability and performance.

Recognizing these facts, we have developed our PowerUP series 6 cylinder heads with an optimized cooling system, highest-quality valves and seat-rings and improved casting materials which result in increased reliability and trouble-free operation.

Successfully in operation all across the world since 2014 our cylinder heads are available for series 6 engine-versions E & F.

  • Optimized water channel geometry for better cooling, avoids valve-sticking and fire deck cracking
  • High-quality casting material
  • Optimized valve seat geometry to minimize valve-wear
  • Highest quality valves and seat-rings
  • Improved cooling properties of PowerUP cylinder heads in combination with PowerUP pre-combustion system have a positive impact on spark plug life
  • Compatible with series 6 engines versions E & F
  • Mixable with OEM cylinder heads for highest flexibility
  • all-purpose design ready for use with bio- and special gases by simply adapting the pre-combustion system
  • Adapter kit available for easy exchange between E & F engine versions on mixed cogeneration-plants

Spark plug series 6

PowerUP’s genuine spark plug for series 6 with revolutionary annular electrode design for minimized wear and reliable, strong pre-combustion.

Our spark plugs for series 6 are subject to continuous improvement and rigorous testing on a vast variety of series 6 engines and applications to ensure our OEM-inspiring design stays the best and most commercially efficient in the market.

The PowerUP series 6 spark plug requires no regapping and is therefore maintenance-free!

  • Maintenance-free due to annular electrode design
  • Long lifetime
  • Plug and play design for all series 6 engines, no adjustments necessary
  • Available for NGS, Biogas, Landfill & APG – special release available for other gas-types

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Pre combustion system

Our pre-combustion system consisting of pre-chamber, spark plug sleeve and pre-chamber gas valve works harmoniously together.

PowerUP engineers have continuously optimized the functional design and reliability of every single component, while at the same time the overall dimensions remain unchanged to ensure full compatibility with OEM parts.

Enabling steady combustion with minimal wear the system is increasing the reliability of the entire gas engine and allows for a flawless operation.

Available for natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and selected special gases.

  • Designed for longer lifetime & less soot production
  • High quality materials to minimize wear & avoid cracks
  • Optimized cooling properties aid in prolonging spark plug lifetime
  • Improved O-rings to avoid leakages and unnecessary downtimes
  • Campatible with all series 6 E&F cylinder heads
  • “Drop in solution” – each single parts is interchangeable / mixable with OEM

Steel-piston series 6

PowerUP’s steel piston with “Mexican-hat-shape” was specially developed to address existing reliability problems in the market and aims to allow for a flawless operation of series 6-F engines.

With our revolutionary one-piece design, we have eliminated the risk of piston-crown separation.

The highest quality material and processing are making the PowerUP steel-piston the spare part of choice for your next series 6-F engine overhaul.

  • One-Piece-Design eliminates risk of piston-crown separation
  • Increased top-land to reduce temperatures at the compression ring, minimizing oil coke deposits and thus avoiding cylinder-liner scuffing
  • Available for all series 6-F engines
  • Available for compression ratios 10.5, 11.5 and 12.0

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Maintenance parts

PowerUP is covering the complete range of products for preventive and corrective maintenance.

All the products for daily operation, such as filters and gaskets, as well as parts for minor and major overhaul, such as bearings, starters, liners, valves and actuators, are selected and specified for the highest quality.

  • An inventory of 100 000 items and a warehouse of 500m³ enables us to provide you with all the necessary parts for daily operation
  • Our sales team is dedicated to react fast for emergency delivery with most items on stock or to be sourced quickly from our well-connected global supply-chain

Exhaust gas line + insulation

Exhaust gas lines and insulation are amongst the main cost drivers of overhauls if needed to be exchanged. Therefore it was a necessity for us, to provide our customers with a commercially efficient and flexible solution for an exchange of the series 6 exhaust gas line or its sub-components.

PowerUP is also able to offer both types of insulation – hard & soft, based on our customer’s needs and preferences.

  • available for all series 6 engines and cylinder-counts
  • sections mixable with OEM line for full flexibility
  • cost-effective solution for safe engine operation after overhauls
  • soft & hard insulation available


Our blow-by filtration system significantly reduces the contamination of turbochargers, intercoolers and combustion chambers, thus extending the lifetime and performance of the entire gas engine.

Therefore the overall reliability of the power plant increases and on top of that our blow-by filtration system comes with a much higher expected lifetime than OEM setups.

  • Expected lifetime of up to 30.000 operating hours
  • Guaranteed oil separation rate of 99,98%
  • No thermal insulation required
  • Easy to assemble and maintenance free
  • Compact design that comes with specially designed vibration decoupling to increase reliability
  • High specific oil load capability eliminates the need for a multi-filter setup like seen with OEM filters
  • Plug and play design for easy, direct exchanges of the filter-unit on most series 6 engines
  • Retrofitting kits for special versions ensure compatibility with all series 6 engines