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PUP GEN 2V20 & 4V20

PUP GEN 2V20 & 4V20

PUP GEN 2V20 & 4V20 Gas Engines provide the latest solution-based developments and award-winning upgrade packages by PowerUP GmbH with a focus on low investment, and high-reliability rate. With our years of market experience and project-based solutions, we make your gas engines even more reliable.

PUP GEN 2V20 & 4V20

The PUP GEN 2V20 was developed with the needs of a gas engine in mind, in response to your needs with low investment, fast delivery and increased reliability.With our years of experience and award-winning solutions, we breathe new life into your gas engine, making it even more reliable.

What We Offer;

• Overhauled J320 Longblock
• Complete Genset
• Overhauled engine
• New alternator & accessories
• New Control system (Diane XT4)
• New Gas line
• Factory tested genset

Key Features;

• J320 with increased efficiency
• Engine overhauled BUT genset accessories all NEW
• Re-Use existing balance of plant
• Benefit from 320 reliability & improved efficiency

PUP GEN 2V20 & 4V20


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