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To further establish our position as an international expert in gas engine spare-parts, service-solutions and upgrade-development PowerUP now also offers a full product line for MWM engines.

Including consumables, maintenance packages & overhaul components as well as PowerUP developed upgrade spare-parts, which aim to eliminate issues with reliability and serviceability at a competitive pricing, we are certain that our new MWM product line is exactly what our customers need!

Pistons for MWM

We offer the entire product line of pistons for MWM for all compression ratios and gas-types.

Also, a piston efficiency upgrade in combination with cylinder-liners with anti-polishing ring is available as retrofit-solution to increase your engines performance and reliability.

  • Increased reliability of squish pistons due to improved piston bowl design which avoids piston-cracking
  • PowerUP designed piston has lower piston bowl temperatures, thus decreasing knocking probability

Cylinder Liners with Anti-Polishing Ring

Our cylinder liners with anti-polishing ring increase your engines reliability by scraping off carbon deposits at the top-land of the piston, thus avoiding cylinder liner scuffing and top-ring damages.

They are also available as an upgrade solution in combination with squish-pistons for engine versions without anti-polishing ring.

Spark Plugs for MWM

PowerUp´s spark plug developed for MWM engines ensures highest reliability through our robust annular electrode design.

It also helps in cutting service costs due to our two-piece design with a separate spark plug connector.

  • Robust annular electrode design provides highest reliability and resistance against early life failures


  • Improved heat transfer & high-grade electrode material to ensure long lifetime


  • Two-piece design enables separate exchange of spark plug and connector to reduce service costs
  • Compatible with all MWM 2016 & 2020 engines through our plug & play design


  • Compatible with natural gas & biogas

Maintenance Parts for MWM

Our MWM product line covers the full range of consumables & spare parts for preventive & corrective maintenance.

Our product portfolio ranges from consumables up to minor & major overhauls and even an upgrade of the engine control system.

Each part is thoroughly specified, tested and sourced from reliable, well-known suppliers to meet highest quality standards!

Blowby Filters

Our blow-by filtration system significantly reduces the contamination of turbochargers, intercoolers and combustion chambers, thus extending the lifetime and performance of the entire gas engine.

Therefore the overall reliability of the power plant increases and on top of that our blow-by filtration system comes with a much higher expected lifetime.

  • Expected lifetime up to 30.000 operating hours


  • Guaranteed oil separation rate of 99,98%


  • Easy to assemble and maintenance free
  • Easy to install retrofit-solution for MWM 2016 & 2020 engines


  • Compatible with all known OEM versions

Cylinder Head Overhaul

PowerUP provides all required spare parts as well as professional overhaul of MWM 2016 & 2020 OEM cylinder heads.

Our portfolio ranges from condition based overhaul with maximum re-usage of qualified parts up to a full overhaul including re-machining of all relevant surfaces, thourough cleaning, exchange of all wear parts with PowerUP developed premium parts and painting.

  • Highly reduced cost for cylinder head exchange


  • Highest quality PowerUP valves, seat rings and valve guides

PowerUP Cylinder Head MWM2016

Our brand new cylinder head for MWM2016 engines is currently undergoing thorough inhouse- & field-testing and aims to deliver longest lifetime and highest reliability whilst being fully compatible and easy to retrofit.

Well rounded by a package of safety & serviceability improvements, our MWM2016 cylinder head is a product launch to be highly anticipated.

  • PowerUP developed high performance valves, seat rings & guides for minimized wear, highest reliability & extra-long service-life
  • Improved spark plug cooling concept positively influences spark plug service-life
  • Improved safety & lower service costs due to our two-piece spark plug & connector design with shootout protection
  • Improved serviceability through easy accessible thermocouple bore & scoping bore (no dismounting of valve-cover necessary)
  • Specifically engineered for highest compatibility


  • Can be installed mixed with OEM cylinder heads


  • Available for all MWM2016 engines & gas-types


  • Plug & play upgrade-solution