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The story of MWM® – A journey through innovation and progress

Founded by none other than Carl Benz, MWM® has undergone an impressive development since its establishment. Continue reading to learn more!
24. Oct 2023
Team PowerUP
The story of MWM®

The history of MWM® (Motoren-Werke Mannheim) is a fascinating journey through the world of engine technology and innovation. Founded by none other than the renowned engineer Carl Benz, MWM® has experienced an impressive development since its establishment in 1879.

Establishment by Carl Benz

In 1879, Carl Benz, who was already internationally renowned for inventing the world’s first mass-produced automobile, established the foundation of MWM®. He founded the company under the name “Mechanische Werkstätte Mannheim” in Mannheim, Germany. At that time, the main focus was on manufacturing stationary gas engines.

Production of various engines from 1879 to 2023

Over the years, MWM® has considerably diversified its product range. The company has manufactured a wide range of engines, including biogas engines, diesel engines, and marine engines. These engines have been utilized in a variety of applications, ranging from power generation to maritime and industrial sectors

The high quality and performance of the MWM® engines have made them highly sought after worldwide

The sale to DEUTZ AG in 1999

In 1999, MWM® was acquired by DEUTZ AG, one of the leading manufacturers of engines and drive systems. This acquisition bolstered MWM®‘s position in the global market and provided new avenues for the advancement of engine technology.

The acquisition by Caterpillar Inc.

In 2011, the renowned Caterpillar Inc., a globally leading manufacturer of construction machinery and engines, acquired MWM®. This acquisition enabled MWM® to leverage Caterpillar’s global presence and extensive resources. Under the umbrella of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH, the MWM® brand continued its tradition of innovation and outstanding performance.

Visions for the future of MWM GmbH

The future of MWM® is shaped by innovation and sustainability. The company is continuously working on the development of environmentally friendly and efficient engine technologies in order to meet the demands of a changing world. MWM® has set the goal of developing sustainable solutions for energy supply and propulsion systems that satisfy the increasing demand for environmentally friendly technologies.

PowerUP Cylinder Head Caterpillar

PowerUP and MWM®

At PowerUP, we provide high-quality, partly specially developed spare parts to make your MWM® gas engine even more efficient, sustainable, and durable. Additionally, our services, such as the gas engine upgrade, can reduce downtime and increase your productivity and profitability.

Our products for the TCG 2016, TCG 2019 and TCG 2020 series are continually optimized and enhanced. We have accumulated many years of experience in the field of gas engines and are eager to assist you with our expertise. Please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives without hesitation. We are excited to hear from you!

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