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Remote Service

We understand the importance of keeping your gas engine running constantly and with the best performance.

Therefore we operate our own competence center with our most experienced experts at the forefront of our customer service to provide the best support for external & internal demands.

By offering our competence centre hotline, which is manned 7 days a week from 8 am – 8 pm (CET) we ensure fast response when help is needed most.

  • The engine is maintained by PowerUP and we have a complete understanding of your engine´s operation
  • Remote access to the engine management system
  • Engine operation data is gathered and accessed for analysis by our experienced service technicians, ensuring improved engine operation
  • Faults are identified through our EDI or DIA.NE (OEM) control system and diagnosed remotely which reduces overall engine maintenance costs.
  • Real-time expert support for rapid troubleshooting, guidance, and fault elimination
  • Minimized earnings loss from unplanned downtime
  • Reduced need for costly on-site visits
  • Minimized OPEX and lifecycle costs through timely interventions and countermeasures
  • Improved support for plant technicians of enhanced reliability


Our competence centre monitors the performance of your gas engine to include:

  • Key operation parameters
  • Availability (hours ran)
  • Electrical output (kW, kWh)
  • Gas quality when linked to gas detectors (CH4, O2, H2S)

A lot of issues can be resolved remotely through our competence centre, however, if there is a problem that needs onsite intervention then a designated PowerUP service engineer will be sent to your site to carry our comprehensive engine analysis and fix the problem.